Lotus flower

REIKI is a healing energy. In a traditional Reiki treatment the hands are placed on the receiver’s clothed body in a specific sequence. Most people find it a profoundly relaxing and emotionally restorative experience. Many practitioners of hands-on body techniques like massage and reflexology find that their treatments become much more effective with Reiki. 

Once a practitioner is ‘attuned’ to Reiki, Reiki energy will be a part of all their treatments.  I am always willing to carry out a ‘stand alone’ Reiki treatment, but the way of focus which Reiki encourages in practitioners becomes part of any hands-on work, even if the practitioner is not following the specific sequence of hand placements.

So..whichever other treatment is happening, Reiki will always be within it, in a more flexible way

A Reiki session on its own lasts an hour. I am attuned to Reiki III : called the Master/Teacher level.