Therapist Profile

I have been an aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner since 1996, originally training with the Tisserand Institute who invited me to teach for them late in 1998. I taught there for over 6 years, until the Institute closed. I was then approached by Neal’s Yard Remedies in 2005 to become Principal Tutor, creating new Aromatherapy courses for them, both for the professional diploma course and the introductory courses.

I decided to resign from NYR in 2021 as their changing company policy meant high course standards and student support were no longer assured

I have also run workshops for organisations supporting clients with special medical or other needs, including working with carers.

As a practitioner I became interested in working within the field of mental health, specialising for thirteen years working with clients with addictions, primarily to alcohol, but also street drugs, and those with dual diagnoses of other mental health challenges

As a practitioner I am committed to furthering my training, and have done many courses to extend what I already offer, and also to develop additional skills. I am particularly drawn to a reflective way of working which allows the client to guide the pace and nature of change. To further this, I trained as a Cranio-Sacral Practitioner in 2004-2005.

I am a member of two professional associations, the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and the Cranio Sacral Therapy Association and as such, am committed to Continuing Professional Development. This means I continue to undertake further training to acquire new and advanced skills and approaches to improve the therapeutic encounter.

Additional trainings include an energetic approach to using the oils, subtle and energetic massage techniques, studies in using the oils and massage in accordance with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and use of floral waters, aromatherapy for pregnancy, deeper tissue techniques, and additional advanced essential oil studies, including aromatology, which involves utilising the oils separately from massage and addresses some physiological presentations which essential oils in massage may not be the most effective way to work with.

My work as a craniosacral practitioner means that my focus in all my work is to be ‘client-centered’ and listening, whether to what is said verbally, or what seems to kinaesthetically express. 

I specialise in working with clients who may be referred to bodywork through counsellors and psychotherapists, as a reflective and listening approach to bodywork will best support process work. However I do not have a fixed style of  working with clients, other than to try to adapt to what will best meet their needs. I am always happy to quickly refer clients to another practitioner or another modality if I won’t be the right practitioner for them.

I prefer to initally have a phone conversation with a client rather than the client self booking via the clinic, or by a purely text or email communication, as a prior conversation is really the best way for both of us  to understand whether one of my therapies is likely to be helpful, and perhaps even more importantly for you to have a sense of whether I would be the right practitioner for you